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Trade in Your Car or Truck In Kansas City

When you buy a car or truck and you want to unload your current vehicle, you have a few choices. You can slap a “for sale” sign on it, park it outside and wait for the phone to ring. You can list it in a classified or online and deal with strangers calling you and coming to your home. Or you can trade your car or truck at an auto dealer and buy another vehicle. Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles or Kansas City, a trade-in is a fast and easy way to get rid of your car or truck.

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If you enjoy letting strangers into your home, taking them for a test drive and haggling with them, this article probably isn’t for you. Everyone else can read on as we explain the advantages of trading in your car and truck.

You Only Have to Deal With the Auto Dealer

When you trade your car or truck, the dealer takes care of everything. You drive to the dealership, agree on a price and you’re on your way to buying another vehicle. While you might get a better price if you sell the car yourself, trading in your car is easier and less time intensive. You won’t have to deal with random potential buyers.

It’s Fast and Easy

Selling your car privately could take weeks or even months. It requires a lot of work. You’ll have to advertise the car somewhere, field phone calls, meet with potential buyers and transfer ownership. You may get more than a dealer will offer you, but consider how much your time is worth. When you trade in your car, you may be able to get rid of it in an hour or two.

Your Next Car Will Cost Less

If your old car is paid off, when you trade it in, the dealer will apply the trade-in amount to the purchase price of the new car or truck. When you trade in your car, the dealer will reduce the price of the new one, so you’ll pay less sales tax.

Before you trade your car or truck, here are a few things to know:

  • Understand your vehicle’s value. A reputable dealer will offer you a fair price on a trade. To make sure the price is fair, you’ll need to know the current value. Kelley Blue Book is a good place to start. Once you get the estimated value, you’ll have a good idea what to expect at the dealership.
  • Fix any problems. As you might expect, the better your vehicle’s condition, the more it will be worth in trade. To get the highest trade-in price, repair any cosmetic damage like small scratches and dents. Wash the car and clean the carpets. You want the car to make a good impression.
  • Shop around. If you believe a dealership isn’t offering you a good price, visit another dealer or two. Ask for an estimate on your trade-in and compare them.

Do your research and you’ll be confident that you received a great trade-in price on a vehicle you’ll love.

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