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Kansas City Trade-in Value

If you’re thinking of buying a car and your current vehicle is in good condition, you may be considering trading it in. This is a great way to save money on the cost of your car purchase. When you trade-in your old car, you won’t have to spend the time and effort involved with trying to sell it yourself. It’s fast and easy. Whether you live in Seattle, Chicago or Kansas City, trade in your car, truck, crossover or SUV to make a great deal on a vehicle even better.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your trade-in experience:

Appraise Your Car’s Trade-in Value In KC

In order to know if you’re getting top dollar for your trade, you need to know its trade-in value. There are a number of websites you can visit to get an estimate, including Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book. (You can get a Kelley Blue Book appraisal right from our website, with an instant cash offer that’s good for three days.) When you value your trade, it’s important to accurately describe your car’s condition and accurately assess all the vehicle’s options. When you have the appraisal, print it out and bring it with you to the dealership.

Get a Dealer Quote In Kansas City

Call your local dealer and make an appointment to get your vehicle appraised. Make your appointment on a weekday morning, if possible, when the dealer isn’t busy, otherwise, you may have to wait. A reputable dealer will give you a reasonable quote for your trade-in. If you’re unsure, you may want to get an appraisal from another dealer and compare them.

Once you have your appraisal, you can either accept the offer or negotiate. You should understand that if you still owe money on your current vehicle, you’ll need to fold your loan balance into the financing of the car you’re buying.

There are some common mistakes people make when trading in their vehicle. Here are a few:

  • C• Overestimating the value: Yes, you loved your old car, but don’t let sentimentality get in the way and pretend it’s worth more than it really is. Remember, you may not get the highest listed value you see on an appraisal website. Treat the appraisal figure as an average. If the dealership makes you an offer that’s in the ballpark, you may want to accept it. It’s probably more useful to spend time negotiating the price of the car you’re buying rather than the trade-in price.
  • Concealing information: Don’t give the dealer a fake appraisal figure, hoping they’ll beat it. This strategy will backfire. The dealership will know you’re not telling the truth and they’ll ask to see the estimate in writing. You won’t be able to produce it and it could sour your relationship with the dealership. In addition, some buyers believe they’ll get a better deal if they wait until the last minute to mention they have a vehicle to trade. Be upfront about your trade-in right from the start.

If you follow our advice, you’ll have a great experience when you trade in your vehicle.

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